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Volvo’s In-Car Delivery Service

In Volvo launches in-car package delivery service in Gothenburg, Volvo’s new service “lets you have your Christmas shopping delivered directly to your car.” Intriguing idea that saves on parking hassles like those people who are waiting/idling around the favored spots. With just days to go before Black Friday and Cyber Monday – the busiest online […]

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Personal Information Economy 2015 – London

The Personal Information Economy 2015 conference is coming up! From the event page: As a new digital age unfolds brands have a make-or-break strategic opportunity to place their customer relationships on a powerful new footing. The opportunity: to work with customers to create new ‘Me2B’ services that empower them with data and help them use […]

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Dark Net Going Mainstream?

From TED: ”

There’s a parallel Internet you may not have run across yet — accessed by a special browser and home to a freewheeling collection of sites for everything from anonymous activism to illicit activities. Jamie Bartlett reports from the dark net.”

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On Capturing Customers

Kurt Hanks helped us unpack one of the ideas behind VRM, customer control. Allowing your customers to help tailor an appropriate communications channel with you builds trust and loyalty. Even simple efforts produce a beneficial feedback loop: These customers will care more about your products and services because they are interested in hearing from you, […]

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