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IIW XIII: Yubico

Brief introductions. Yubico offers Yubikeys that help with authentication: low cost and simple! Acts as a keyboard, enters user password and 32 character passcode. Easier than smart cards (insert into USB port, push a button). Lots of users: 1M users + 16k customers in 95 countries. Use cases: Google for internal staff, PayPal, Fedora, lastpass. […]

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Stateless Distributed Membership

At this past IIW, I convened a session to ask if and how it might be possible to do a stateless distributed membership for a website. There are two main ideas behind this proposal. First, I don’t really NEED to have a membership database of my own. That is, I don’t need to have another […]

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On Data and Disclosure

I like to think about ways to customize my world, and the digital world writ large, in ways that support and help us explore our unique selves. It is in our very diversity that individual strengths can play out to become our personal best, to help each other grow, and create fertile new worlds. However, […]

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