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Platform vs Relationships

A little while ago, Scott Adams wrote his thoughts about FutureMe and how it might  become a Facebook killer. Adams pointed out that information about our past–what we’ve already done–is useful, but less so than what we’re looking to do in the future. He suggests a new fourth party (user-driven) service: The interface for Futureme […]

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On Data and Disclosure

I like to think about ways to customize my world, and the digital world writ large, in ways that support and help us explore our unique selves. It is in our very diversity that individual strengths can play out to become our personal best, to help each other grow, and create fertile new worlds. However, […]

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The Five A’s of Security

Personal and online security is a desirable state and a complex idea. This guide offers a general overview of the main idea that, when used together, help us establish a level of security that makes us comfortable using our computer in an online world. Awareness The first subject in talking about security is awareness. We […]

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