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#iiwxx Open Notice and Consent Working Group

Main site on Open Notice, also on the wiki at Kantara Initiative Working Group. Eve: Justin was sketching out a kind of technical specs, but it’s not in our requirements yet. RESTful API in JSON format, with register-able endpoint, lodged in a protected way, OAuth-protected resources. You could do interesting things with a collection of […]

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#iiwxx Indie Web Camp

Ideas behind this session are at Indie Web Camp. Kevin introduced, explained webmention, a simple way to notify any URL when you link to it on your site. Includes two parameters: source and destination. It’s how he collects his tweets on his home page, also using Bridgy to implement the backfeed from Twitter to Kevin’s […]

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#iiwxx New Pothole PICOs

PICOs: persistent compute object, could have utilty beyond storage, can form relationships with other things/people around it. May have own URL/address, QR code, etc. Has attributes, can certify ownership. Mirror Worlds (don’t look at title page) – written before the web. Idea to create models of the world that help with decision making. Phil’s blog […]

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