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#iiwxx Open Notice and Consent Working Group

Main site on Open Notice, also on the wiki at Kantara Initiative Working Group. Eve: Justin was sketching out a kind of technical specs, but it’s not in our requirements yet. RESTful API in JSON format, with register-able endpoint, lodged in a protected way, OAuth-protected resources. You could do interesting things with a collection of […]

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#iiwxx Indie Web Camp

Ideas behind this session are at Indie Web Camp. Kevin introduced, explained webmention, a simple way to notify any URL when you link to it on your site. Includes two parameters: source and destination. It’s how he collects his tweets on his home page, also using Bridgy to implement the backfeed from Twitter to Kevin’s […]

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#iiwxx VRM in the “Developing World”

Sean Bohan’s inquiry into what (if any) value VRM has for people in the rest of the world. Issues include: Maslow Addressing needs Sustainability May not appeal to people who have basic sustainability established Public distribution of basic needs (water, cooking or heating oil) Subsidies do not empower customers Not vendors (gov, etc.) OLA = […]

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