PII 2011: Personal Identity Management

Forrester analyst Fatemeh Khatibloo asked if people had made available their report Making Leaders Successful Every Day. Report is available from Personal. She talks about car buying process as an example: start with personal RFP-type offer, receive offers that are customized to our concerns. Our interactions with dealers lead to purchase of a car. (Related: see ISWG’s Car Buying Engagement Model.)

Five key concepts that brands and companies need to do to engage:

  1. Respect my data, respect me
  2. Security of infrastructure, governance
  3. Transparency
  4. Data portability
  5. Economy, including penalties for bad behavior

Why is this coming? Consumers are fed up (breaches), but want relevance, convenience and value. Gigya study on single sign-on says many people use social sites for logins.

What should marketers & brands be thinking about: Rewrite your privacy policies to be understood. Create an organization-wide data governance policy. Install a data steward to liase between org and consumers (distinct from IT Privacy officer). Start working towards true data portability.

In future, Forrester is looking at redefining personal data, trust frameworks, how VCs look at this industry, etc.