IIW XIII: The Final Overview

young person sitting alone, by xJason.Rogersx
Thanks xJason.Rogersx

What a head-filling event! If you’re interested, you can see notes from many of the sessions on the IIW wiki. Some of the sessions are rather technical, which is consistent with the roots of this unconference.

A few of the things I learned: people continue to amaze me by these projects: personal data projects (check out Personal–no notes from their demo; and soon The Locker Project), reputation sites (I was busy vouching for people whose work I know with Connect.me), the many stories of evented APIs (think actions: when something happens, it can trigger something else to happen, as in the “Internet of Things”), and of course the evolution of the Personal Data Ecosystem and PDEC.

Coaching moment: There are two major forces pushing forward. One is represented by Facebook: collect and manipulate, sell and distribute all of the personal data that can be found. This is a pulling, pillaging process with the “users” as the product being sold. The other force is not yet represented, but you might think of it as an opposite: individual people have access to their own data when they need it, using starter organizing, permissioning, sharing and distribution tools. What if you could say “No Facebook, you can’t plunder my own and my friends’ data–and mean it? What if advertisers came to you when you wanted? The idea is to say “yes” and “no” to data sharing when it’s appropriate for you. It’s you who is important, not a product.