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Mapping the New Frontier

This picture, and the accompanying post The Personal Data Ecosystem, describes a flow of data from and about us. (Click on the picture for a larger, more readable version on Flickr.) This rather detailed article talks about the need for a Personal Data Store, a database of a sort, in which you could “source, gather, […]

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Your Health Records: Are they really YOURS?

Let me start with three stories illustrating why you might care about having access to and control over your personal health records: Fred lived in Florida. As he was elderly, he had a regular care provider that he saw for his health needs. As was customary, the health care providers maintained a file of records […]

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IIW8: What was it all about?

The Internet Identity Workshop (IIW8) was held in May 2009 at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, CA. Here’s my brief conference report. Coaching moment: Like most developments, first comes an idea then a discussion, followed by an implementation and testing. Thankfully most people aren’t involved in these early stages when things may not […]

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