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We are who we hang with

There are a lot of ways that we identify ourselves. One way that we define ourselves is by our groups. That is, we are a member of a group, and the group has its own identity (reputation, mission, purpose, common interest, etc.). We call our groups by various names: our team, our tribe, our peeps, our friends, our colleagues, our congregation, our neighbors…

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Going deep into identity

As you might imagine, philosophers have a field day with concepts like identity. “Who am I” is a great starting point for long discussions of great academic importance. Hey, in your philosophical moments you may have had this discussion too. The mystery of life is a compelling inquiry.

If you’re interested in learning more about how academic philosophers approach the question of personal identity, you might be interested in reading this paper by Eric T. Olson at the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy.

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Who do we think we are?

Many of us have a common mis-perception that we know who we are and what we want. Our minds think this way as a systematic approach to controlling our world. The problem is that we don’t realize we have more choices than what we think we know every day.

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Recorded Memories: Three Stories

In a moment of identity coaching, I reminded [my friend] that if she was the sole keeper of her family’s [online] memory, she needed to protect and ensure its future by leaving instructions on how to access her Flickr account with her other trusted family members and with her will. Someone in her family will need to download and re-store the collection.

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